Beautiful, soothing Selfcare Pillow Enhancers...

Beauty, sleep and rest accessories.

Uniquely customizable for your most calming and relaxing night's sleep with optimal beauty benefits for softer skin and healthier hair while you rest. 

Versatile, luxury handmade in America with lots of love and intention supporting your health and well-being. 

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Sleep&ABow®   TheraPocket®   CuddleBow™

"Reinventing the Luxury of R.E.S.T."

R.E.S.T. Rejuvenate, Escape, Sleep, Tranquility

The pillowcase reimagined to do so much more, Just for you. The Beautiful Bow anti-aging pillow enhancer: Blocks lights from electronics, morning sunlight and warms chilly ears or chest PLUS... 

A good sleep helps you to look and feel better all day

  • The luscious bow is two convenient sleeves. For a gentle eye mask. Helps you sleep longer. Insert warmth, cooling or aroma therapy pack in the sleeve to soothe away tension and rest easy
  • Youthful skin & hair while you sleep. Retains natural oils and moisture for healthier skin and shinier hair. Prevents wrinkles, split ends and frizzy hair. Hypoallergenic, anti bacterial. Select: Standard/Queen, King or mini nap size.  

  • SOFT and comfortable. Machine washable Lux Vegan Satin or the finest Mulberry Silk. Feels wonderful on your skin and provides optimal beauty benefits

Best sleep ever.  Fits your favorite pillow. 

Try it today. 14 day no fuss returns.

Comforting | Anti-aging | Wellness 

Sleep&ABow®  TheraPocket® and the CuddleBow™

Multi-functional, soothing design to support your unique and personal sleep and rest needs.  

“Reinventing the luxury of rest." R. E. S. T.

Here's a little more about our TheraPocket® pillowcase & The CuddleBow™ spa, neck and lumbar me-time pillow

TheraPocket® Anti-aging, Sleep-aid Pillowcase

Soft Silver TheraPocket® Silk pillowcase Shown in King size

TheraPocket® Vegan Satin, Queen in Ruby Red

TheraPocket® Luxury anti-aging, Sleep-aid  pillowcase a pocket for Lux-Plush warmth/cooling therapy pack to help you rest. Relieve pain and tension in your neck and shoulders or low back.  Use your pocket for a calming bedtime note or journal. Write it release it. Write what's keeping you awake and release it for the night. The pocket is a convenient place to keep your sleep mask, bedtime note pad, jade roller, scrunchy. What ever you need just for you to sleep and rest well.

For a relaxing bedtime or anytime routine. 

For all the facts & benefits about silk and satin pillowcases. Check out our Wellness Blog 



Tie&Relax heat-able, huggable, meditation spa pillow

“A grown-up security blanket”

Relaxing and cuddly for your neck, low back and lumbar heat-able on demand. Slightly weighted for a calming experience. Contoured for your neck, shoulders and chin support. USB heated with satin eye mask Noise dampening cushion keeps your ears warm. Soft and cushy comfort. Made with 80% cotton fleece. Low back and tummy heated pain relief. Attached padded anti aging satin eye mask for a calming personal retreat.

A great little pillow for travel, your car or office chair to soothe and support while you're sitting.

Sleep better • Feel better • Rest better • Healthier skin • Frizz free hair.  Experience your own personal sanctuary at home or travel.    
Escape on a tranquil journey of rest, rejuvenation and pampering luxurious comfort for a better night's sleep
Me-time moments are essential for self-care. Work, life, family balance must include you too. Because you're worth it.

Glowing skin and soft touchable health hair.

Glowing skin & soft healthy hair.

With two issued patents and two patents pending LUX is proud to say we are...

"Reinventing the Luxury of Rest" 

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